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Just a reminder that I have a crazy webcomic about alien mermaids and robots. Coming out of hiatus very soon. You can read the full comic here

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sweets in japan, part three! parfait and float drinks!

l->r: cafe est est shinjuku mylord, alice cafe shinjuku mylord, maidreamin akihabara, milky way ikebukuro, cafe est est, milky wayx2, alice cafe.





#john barrowman is having none of your misogynist bullshit

i love that barrowman’s response also distances him from the contestant
"hahahaha women do laundry right john?  you with me, john?"
"don’t lump me in with you, you fucking martian”

This is what I’m talking about when I keep saying that men have to deny the endorsement. This guy wanted Barrowman’s tacit support or agreement for his sexism, as part of bonding through humour. John went nope.

Bolding mine.

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